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Why MBBS From Bangladesh

MBBS from Bangladesh has seen a rise in popularity due to several reasons. Affordable cost, high-quality living conditions, use of the latest technology, etc., have made the country a hot spot for medical education for students from across the globe. This makes MBBS in Bangladesh highly demanded in the world. Students from various countries are choosing to complete their education from Bangladesh because of its access to the most advanced medical technology and low cost of living and studying.


All the universities in the country are globally recognized and are NMC and WHO certified.    |  

Why MBBS from Bangladesh is most demanded in the world:

The admission to MBBS is made without any donation or capitation fees in Bangladesh. The degree that you will receive after the completion of the program will be globally accepted and recognized by WHO and UNESCO. 


 MBBS from Bangladesh is less costly than the rest of the world. This makes it a popular choice for students who wish to get their education at an affordable price.


Advantages for Indian students:

Students from South Asian countries can easily adapt to the climate and culture of Bangladesh. Students from India pursuing their MBBS in Bangladesh get several advantages. This is majorly due to the shared ties between both countries.



The climate in both countries is the same. This means that students will not have a hard time adjusting to the climate of the country.



There is no major difference between the food habits of Indians and Bangladeshis.



The same diseases are studied in both nations.



Indian students get 25% reservation in government and private medical colleges in Bangladesh.



There is no difference in language, and students can easily understand what is being taught to them.



The drugs that are used for treatment have the same name and composition in both countries.



The country has the highest MCI ratio.



There is no major distinction between the syllabus and curriculum of both countries.



The methods of treatment of various diseases are also identical.


The various reasons why students from all over the world are choosing to pursue their medical education from Bangladesh are:


1. Most medical colleges in Bangladesh do not require any separate entrance examination. This means that students only have to qualify for the NEET exam to be eligible for admission.
2. Students are provided with an opportunity to complete their mandatory one-year internship from renowned government and private hospitals and MNCs from all over the world.
3. High patient OPD.
4. Students do not face any language barrier since the medium of education is English. You do not need to undergo any language training to apply for higher education in Bangladesh.
5. Students are trained using practical to improve their skills and make them capable practitioners.
6. The tuition fee is extremely affordable, and students can get access to the best educational facilities at a low price. Students can also get educational loans to fund their education in Bangladesh. 
7. The admission process is extremely easy and quick.
8. No donation fee is demanded from students seeking admission to medical colleges in Bangladesh.





Students graduating from the Top MBBS college in Bangladesh can get employment opportunities in the best hospitals and companies in the world. The students get the training of using the most advanced technology through practical and continuous assessment.

The medical institutions in Bangladesh are well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology. These facilities can be compared to those provided in developed countries. The high-quality infrastructure, education standards and secure accommodation make Bangladesh a highly sought-after option for students.


Eligibility Criteria

Most colleges do not require any separate examination other than the common NEET exam to be able to apply for admission. To be eligible to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh, you need to meet the following criteria:



The candidate should be older than 17 years when applying for admission.


The candidate must have finished 10+2 with PCB and English and scored more than 60%.


They should have qualified NEET-UG examination.


There must not be a year gap of more than one year between passing class 12th and applying for the MBBS program.


The candidate must possess a valid passport.


The candidate should have a GP higher than 3.5 in Biology.



The marks scored by the student in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are considered when calculating the GPA of the candidate. The minimum GPA required for admission to medical colleges in Bangladesh is 3.5.

Tution Fees & Hostel

A lot of foreign students prefer Bangladesh because the fees in Bangladesh MBBS college is comparatively lower than in other countries.



Fees Range

36,000 USD - 50,000 USD


The Average Tution Fees

44,000 USD

Hostel Fees

100 USD Per Month


The tuition fee includes college fee, library and laboratory fees. Some colleges ask for annual fee payment, while others allow the fees to be paid half-yearly. Foreign students can also apply for an educational loan for pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh.


The hostels are fully furnished and extremely affordable. The standards of living in Bangladesh are comfortable. The Hostel fees includes accommodation, bedding, furnishing, gas, electricity and water charges. The hostel rooms are equipped with centralized air conditioning systems. The hostels are completely safe and secure, which is the most significant point for foreign students moving to this country. They provide all the basic amenities and offer a comfortable living condition for the students.


Boys & Girls In-Campus 1200 USD/Month Available Available Available Available


College Listed In Bangladesh

List of Top-MBBS college/university in Bangladesh:




Note: All the amounts mentioned above are supposed to change as per the rate of currency and university policies. For calculation purpose 1$= Rs. 70 .

How To Apply

Any student with a passport of a country having diplomatic relations can apply to Top MBBS college in Bangladeshfor their education. The following steps can help you apply to any government or private institution in Bangladesh:



Download Admission Process

MBBS Syllabus

A complete syllabus of medical studies in the universities of Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, the years and course are known as “Phase”. After completing all four phases, students need to go for 1 year of internship in Bangladesh. This internship in Bangladesh is optional for the Indian students.

The study pattern of Bangladeshi medical colleges is similar to Indian medical colleges and NMC. Check out the complete MBBS syllabus in Bangladesh


Syllabus of MBBS in Bangladesh with Study Pattern:


First Phase (1 and a half year) Anatomy   180 +150 +150 +20 500
Physiology   180 +150 +150 +20 500
Biochemistry   180 +150 +150 +20 500
Second Phase(1 year) Community medicine -Internal medicine
-Venereal diseases 
-Physical Medicine
90+100+100+10 300
Forensic Medicine 90+100+100+10 300
Third Phase(1 year) Pharmacology & Therapeutic   90+100+100+10 300
Pathology -General Pathology
-Systematic Pathology
-Clinical Pathology
90+100+100+10 300
Microbiology -Bacteriology
90+100+100+10 300
Fourth Phase (1 and a half year) Medicine and Allied Subjects   180+100+100+20+100 (clinical) 500
Allied Subjects
- General 
Regional Surgery
-Blood Transfusion 
180+100+100+20+100 (clinical) 500
Neonatology & family planning Obstetrics and Gynaecology 180+100+100+20+100 (clinical) 500


About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country located in Asia and shares its borders with India and Myanmar. With a population of 161,376,708, Bangladesh is the 8th most populated country in the world. More than 2% of the world’s total population lives in Bangladesh, and it is one of the most densely populated countries. The subtropical climate of Bangladesh matches that of India. This is a fair advantage for Indian students enrolling in an MBBS college in Dhaka as they do not have to adjust to any new climate.


Picture Source: Wikipedia

The people of Bangladesh are extremely friendly and polite. You can rely on their hospitality and expect to be treated fairly as a foreign student. The country also has the third-largest Muslim population in the world.

The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali, although a considerable portion of the population speaks English, so you wouldn’t have any trouble communicating with them. The medium of teaching is also English, so it’s easy for students to understand the language of the study material.

Bangladesh is a dry country, and the use of alcohol and drugs is completely banned in the country. This makes the country safer for students. Bangladesh is the prime spot of education for people who are looking to spend their time sincerely studying. The accommodation facilities available for students are of high quality and standards. Students can spend their time exploring the rich culture and heritage of the country.


History of Bangladesh: The country’s borders were formed after its separation from India in August 1947 after its independence from the British empire. It then became a part of the State of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. The Bangladesh Liberation War of March 1971, which lasted for nine months, led to the formation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. India was Bangladesh’s ally during the Bangladesh Liberation War.


Picture Source: TravelMate

The country has social, cultural, linguistic and economic ties with India. Both countries have a common heritage and culture. The shared love for art, music and literature has strengthened the relationship between both countries. Students from India can easily adjust to the environment of Bangladesh, owing to the similarities between both countries.

All the major festivals of India are also celebrated in Bangladesh, including Eid, Durga Puja, Christmas etc.


The education system of Bangladesh follows the same model as was established under British rule and has three levels- primary, secondary and higher. After secondary school, a student has to undergo a five-year degree program in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). This program also includes one year of internship. Education in Bangladesh is considered to be extremely rewarding, which is why several international students prefer to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh. The educational facilities in any Private MBBS college in Bangladesh are at par with esteemed colleges across the world.


Moving to a foreign country for medical education is generally thought of as an expensive option. This is not true for MBBS in Bangladesh since it has a lower cost of living and education than other nations. The overall cost of living in Bangladesh is somewhere between 150 to 250 USD per month.



It is an extremely economical choice for foreign students. The insurance cost for students in Bangladesh is somewhere around 160 to 260 UDS per year.  The cost of accommodation is included in the hostel fee. Rents for private accommodation are also low in the country. The low cost of living has made Bangladesh a preferred option for several students.


Dhaka is considered to be the hub for MBBS in Bangladesh. The living cost in Dhaka varies for every individual but is comparatively lower than in other countries. It depends on numerous factors, including outings, whether you indulge in the delicacies of the country, medical expenses etc. If you choose to consume food from outside, it might cost you an additional 150 USD per year. Extending the visa will also cost you somewhere around 150 to 300 USD every year.


For students travelling to Bangladesh, there are several modes available. You can choose the most convenient travelling option as per your requirements. The country shares its borders with India and Myanmar. The country can be reached via road, train and flights.



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